Beauty experts suggest, summer outdoor strong  980nm laser  ultraviolet radiation, sunscreen cream if you do not work, it will be easier to tan skin sunburn. Sun darkened skin, what can you save?

A: First is a relatively simple, that is, fresh cucumber cut into thin slices, then is soaked in milk inside, after ten minutes, then after that needs to be removed, and then deposited in the tanning site is have a good whitening effect.
Two: After tanned back on the first with a cleanser to clean the face after the finish, that is, with a little bit of white sugar is then placed in the palm of the hand which add a little water rubbed, then that is required is placed face wash face rub a minute later, and then some of the water is to rinse. The best is needed is to stick with every day, so after a week that will make your face skin will become smooth and soft white


Three: The first is needed is to make the words of vinegar and salt water to dissolve, if the proportion is probably water: vinegar: salt --9: 3: 1, starve to death with a good tune mixture is then required needs is wetting the towel, then that is needed is to rub in the face, sooner or later, then each one is, and is to insist on a few days, so that the skin will slowly be whiten, acne muscle then also be good is improved.

Four: You can try is to use some of the silty fine pearl powder and then add some yogurt, conducted after the stir, that is applied to the face surface, then that is needed is gently massage a few minutes later It is cleaned.

Five: to carry out a fresh tomato mash, and then filter out the juice, rub in the face, and after a time of 20 minutes after the wash day, then that is needed is two or three times, so that need is very preferably gradually make the skin white, but also for the face of the spot, then also have a good effect.

According to these methods to skin care, you can get a tattoo removal machine  good suntan conservation. Experts suggest that we must do the work of skin sunscreen before leaving, if not careful tan skin sunburn, but also the first time that timely care and maintenance, to avoid the recurrence of skin greater health problems.